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ENabling Humanitarian Attributes for Nurturing Community-based Engineering (ENHANCE), is a 3 year collaborative project supported through the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education.

The project investigates complex humanitarian issues from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives in order to develop balanced, intelligent and synergistic solutions.

The project is led by Professor Georgia Kremmyda of Warwick’s School of Engineering. The project was awarded a funding of €999k from the European Commission under grant agreement number 598502-EPP-1-2018-1-UK-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP (2018-2582/001-001).

Engineering has a pivotal role to play in solving humanitarian challenges, enabling communities to progress towards sustainable development. Because the issues of humanitarianism are not just engineering problems, there is need to introduce new designs of engineering education to embrace and exploit combinational expertise in community-based engineering.

The ENHANCE project introduces modern, innovative pedagogical approaches, identifying and tackling inherent barriers in quality, knowledge organisation, content, and hierarchy, and ensuring advancement of emerging skills.

ENHANCE aims at nurturing humanitarian attributes through engineering education for serving unsupported communities effectively and responsibly, in identifying problems and defining sustainable solutions.

Aims and Objectives

Key aims

The novelty of ENHANCE lies in integrating highly diverse, yet complementary, expertise in engineering Higher Education (HE). The key aims are; (a) mapping professional attributes for mitigating humanitarian challenges over the next 15 years; (b) assessing and evaluating current graduate engineering programmes in Partner Institutions under the enablers needed to ensure humanitarian attributes to graduates; (c) setting up tools for evaluating graduate engineering programmes; (d) building capacity in the field of community-based engineering with interventions in curriculum content, assessment and feedback, methods of delivery; (e) tasting, adopting and implementing in current curricula innovative (i.e. inclusive, interdisciplinary, problem-based) teaching and learning methodologies; (f) developing and testing the ENHANCE Training Kit for staff development/training.

Principle Objectives

  • Deliver a taxonomy of professional attributes for tackling humanitarian challenges
  • Establish collaboration between the Partner Institutions and the wider socio-economic context
  • Assess and evaluate 7 Graduate Engineering Programmes (GEPs) in Partner Institutions
  • Modernise the assessed GEPs in Partner Institutions from curriculum content to quality assurance, assessment and methods of delivery, teaching and learning materials
  • Train the trainer on curriculum modernisation and redesign
  • Trained teachers to train colleagues on curriculum modernisation and redesign in the framework of a wider institutional developmental initiative in the Partner Institutions
  • Streamline methods, approaches and practical applications for community-based engineering education
  • Disseminate and exploit project results

Programme Countries

Project Lead: Unversity of Warwick

Country: United Kingdom

Members: Professor Georgia Kremmyda (Project Coordinator), Mrs Naomi Mottram (Project Administrator), Professor Toby Mottram, Dr Volkan Degirmenci, Dr Irwanda Laory

University of West Attica

Country: Greece

Members: Dr Yiannis Koumpouros, Dr Angelos Georgoulas, Professor Cleo Sgouropoulou

Partner Countries

Gadjah Madah University

Country: Indonesia

Members: Dr Indra Perdana, Dr Ali Awaludin, Dr Intan Supraba, Ms Aci Prima Sari, Ms Deny Kusumawati, Ms Shinta Ayu Kusuma Wardani, Ms Suryani


Institute Technology Bandung

Country: Indonesia

Members: Dr Muhamad Abduh, Dr Reini D. Wirahadikusumah, Prof Krishna S. Pribadi, Dr Budi Hasiholan


Universitas Brawijaya

Country: Indonesia

Members: Dr Irnia Nurika, Dr Surjono, Dr techn. Christia Meidiana, Dr Adipandang Yudono


Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Country: Bangladesh

Members: Professor G. M. Tarekul Islam, Professor Saiful Islam, Professor A. K. M. Saiful Islam, Professor Sujit Kumar Bala

University of Dhaka

Country: Bangladesh

Members: Professor Mohammad Shoeb, Dr Mohammad Abdul Aziz, Dr Aftab Ali Shaikh, Dr Tapos Debnath

Ho Chi Minh University of Transport

Country: Vietnam

Members: Dr Nguyen Tien Thuy, Dr Nguyen Tuan Anh, Assoc Prof. Dr. Pham Thị Anh, Dr Doan Van Dong


Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

Country: Vietnam

Members: Dr Nguuyen Danh Thao, Dr Le Thi Hong Hieu, Ms Nguyen Thi Nhan, Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong